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Coming Around

Lately I’ve been reconsidering a lot ideas about politics, philosophy, and economics, and have a few concessions to make.

Libertarianism isn’t such a great idea after all. So often libertarians claim to value freedom and liberty, but this is really just to conceal their ulterior motive of favoring the wealthy corporate elite at the expense of the poor. A free market is intrinsically exploitative, and without the benevolence of a democratic government to redistribute from the wealthy to the poor, some people just can’t afford basic life necessities. The wealthy wouldn’t pay their fair share otherwise. We have to rely on the government to serve the public interest, because private companies fail to do so. They’re just interested in maximizing their own profit, cutting costs even when they produce unsafe working conditions and dangerous products for consumers. They maximize profits at the expense of the public interest.

We need the government to support labor unions, because otherwise companies wouldn’t pay their workers a high enough wage. Without the government, the wealthy wouldn’t pay their fair share. Private companies don’t care at all about society, so government needs to regulate wages.

There are all sorts of industries that must be reformed through government action, if society is to function at all. We must devote far more funding to public schools, because of the nation’s lagging test scores. We must provide far more funding for college tuition, because everyone has a right to education. We must increase subsidies to our farmers to protect good American jobs from being exported overseas. We need to crack down on illegal immigration because otherwise immigrants will only continue to steal jobs from Americans.

Fortunately, there has been great progress. President Obama is guaranteeing that everyone in this country will have the best health care. Life expectancy will go up dramatically, and all the care is free. Who could possibly oppose free health care? Health care is a fundamental right, so there’s no question about the morality of such a program. It’s the only just way to provide health care. We can’t decide such things on the basis of costs and benefits. This isn’t about economics. This is about people’s health.

There are other things that the government needs to do to make sure that society is healthy. We also need to crack down on recreational drug use. Marijuana and harder drugs are extremely dangerous, and the government needs to protect us from such dangerous drugs. No only will cracking down make us healthier, but we’ll also prevent all the associated crime from junkies robbing and murdering people to support their addiction. With government rightly in control of people’s health, we can end the obesity epidemic, simply by eliminating trans-fats, banning them from restaurants and grocery stores. Doing so will be easy when we set up a public option for grocery stores. Current grocery stores only care about profits, stealing money that would otherwise provide lower prices for the poorest segments of society. A public chain of grocery stores will force private grocery stores to compete honestly.

Fast food restaurants should be abolished altogether, not only because they steal jobs from local “Mom and Pop” stores, but because they infest areas where poor people have no other options, making them obese. Poor people have no options and don’t know how to care for themselves, so government must make all the important choices for them. Think of all the money that will be saved from the efficiency of such healthier citizens! We must entrust the government to make us all healthier, wealthier, and happier.

In short, free markets are completely unaccountable. We must replace our system of free enterprise with democratic central planning, for the social good. With government, poor people can find relief from their lower intelligence and ability. We must help these poor souls. Society has an obligation to bring these poor people up to our level. Equalizing income among all people in society is the only way to achieve fairness, and that will be best accomplished by a 100% marginal tax rate. This is the only way society should ever be organized.

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