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David Brooks writes about the rise of “vehement libertarianism”. I’ll wear that badge with pride. It would also be a good blog name. As always, he’s grossly incoherent and totally divorced from facts. There’s so much idiocy crammed into so few words. Time to break out the machete of reason and cut this down. (Brooks in bold.)

The United States is becoming a broken society. The public has contempt for the political class.

Two sentences and he’s already wrong; could be a new record. The implication is that respect for the political class is required for a working society. The only time that’s ever been true has been when arbitrary authority could kill you. Then you’d better show some friggin’ respect or go to jail, or worse.


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I have an Op-Ed over at AOL News on how the institutional structure of state pension funds allows legislatures to play taxpayers against public employees, all for political gain. Really the two groups should be aligned. I mean, one does work for the other, right? The institutional fix is relatively easy.

The lesson, as always, is that the only winners in politics are politicians.

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