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Reason.tv released this short video on marijuana legalization.

My question for pro-legalization liberals:

Can you reconcile legalization with food regulation? My contention is that centrists (of both parties) favor regulations that advance their desired world, without reference to the logical consistencies and assumptions underling their imagined preferences.

That is, their policy preferences are arbitrary bullshit.

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CPAC is not my cup of tea, or coffee. Yet there were at least two highlights this year. We already touched on McCobin’s moment, and here’s George Will talking about the flaws and contradictions inside the conservative ideology.

The retreat of the State has been abruptly reversed, to the point where we are blurring to the point of erasure the distinction between the public and private sector …

We have now something like State Capitalism, in which capital, credit, the lifeblood of our economy is increasingly treated as a public utility, to be priced and regulated by political forces. Inevitably this makes capital a slush fund, and inevitably it funds crony capitalism. Much of this we must face, ladies and gentleman, began under a Republican administration. For example with Detroit. We pioneered the lemon socialism of subsidizing failure.    . . .

Today we have an administration that can envision world without the internal combustion engine, but not a world without the Chrysler Corporation.

There’s plenty more goodness in the video. About 20 minutes. Conservatives need more solid reminders that their only claim to political legitimacy is to give more than lip service to small government.

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