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Brief Thoughts

I GIS’d ‘briefs’ to try to get an image for the links header today. I won’t make that mistake again.

To clear my mind, I had to rewatch this video.

On to the links:

Friend of the Blog Tate Watkins in the Christian Science Monitor on the evils of foreign “aid”.

Free speech/religious hatred watch: Southpark creators Matt and Trey were threatened by a radical Muslim website. Comedy Central heavily edited the offending episode. Matt and Trey released a statement. The threatening website was then hacked.

Three photoblogs to follow: Shutterboo, Close-Up Clarendon, and Vivid Corvid.

DCites: Georgetown is having a “French Market” Friday and Saturday. Sounds like a plan.

I was dreading last night’s Nat’s game more than usual, but fortunately justice prevailed.

That’s it. Take a break from policy for the weekend. Enjoy the spring.


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I’ll be out of town for a few days, but here’s some for body and mind.

DC Freedom 5K – for area runners, come out, have a great time, and mingle with other freedom loving folks. I’ll be there volunteering, so say hi. April 17th.

Tate confronts the ugly truth that foreign aid hurts more than it helps.

The ‘Stache calls on the President to make good on his own rhetoric. ‘Luck with that.

Bruce Yandle updates his fantastic paper, Bootleggers and Baptists.

Contra Keith Olbermann, black tea partiers exist. Also the demographics are surprisingly mainstream. (H/T Sometimes Right on the demos.)

Reason TV looks at 20 years of dumb alcohol legislation. The Hutt from MADD fits all my mental stereotypes for the organization:

I love women, I love drinks, by the transitive property, I love women who drink. Turns out, they might be worth loving!

I will spend much time here. It has already inspired me to try this, while in the land of Bourbon. If I live, I will report next week.

Job hunting? Enter the Ninja.

I think Douche Cat and I will get along just fine.

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Weekendy Links

Spring’s hitting DC full force this week, and god bless. Makes it hard to focus on policy stuff, but here’s some stuff worth checking out while you wait for the clock to tick towards checking out.

– Ilya Shapiro will travel anywhere, anytime, to debate (read, correctly deny) the constitutionality of Obamacare.

– Eileen Norcross notes how bad policies are like vampires.

– Good video from the Atlas Institute chiding Paul Krugman, among others, for failing to grasp Bastiat.

– Tyler Cowan and a host of smarties take on the flaws in the Labor Theory of Value.

– I know everyone’s Irish in the middle of March, but the Other Gealic Peoples have their Tartan Day this Saturday. As a partial Scot, I love everything about it. Except the food. Feast your eyes on feats of strength!

Cherry Blossom season officially goes full blown this weekend.

Radley Balko demands someone make this comic into a movie. I love the tagline.

– Never buy expensive gold-plated home-entertainment-center cables.

For your health, replace sweeteners with natural Maple Syrup.

– And finally, the other sign of spring, Gus Johnson. He’s like college basketball’s version of Punxsutawney Phil.

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Because Keith Olbermann and I agree on something.

I know, I’m scared too.

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It’s been awhile since we had a links column. Here’s some of the random internet detritus that’s come across my transom.

Reason Saves Cleveland! Or, how to regulate a great city into a hell-hole.

– As if anyone couldn’t see this coming, there are going to be tons of additional health-care fixes. The problem with “pass it to find out what’s in it”.

Vivid Corvid Photography – awesome photos. Love it.

– All things coffee: drink darker coffee to avoid stomach aches. I don’t like dark roasts. I’ll deal with the stomach issues.

– I’ve always been fascinated by the inherent racism and cultural imperialism of progressivism. Couple that with special interest legislation and it’s a perfect storm of bad ideas.

Five creepy unsolved crimes. Last night I spent two solid hours reading about the Taman Shud case. Gotta find a copy of the Rubaiyat.

Dan Rothschild is willing to make some policy bets.

– If you’re not watching Archer on FX, you can go to hell. You’re in the … uh … DANGERZONE!

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I have an Op-Ed over at AOL News on how the institutional structure of state pension funds allows legislatures to play taxpayers against public employees, all for political gain. Really the two groups should be aligned. I mean, one does work for the other, right? The institutional fix is relatively easy.

The lesson, as always, is that the only winners in politics are politicians.

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Some tasty links!

D.C. enacts cigarette tax. People vote with their wallets; city actually loses revenue. Politicos, journalists shocked.

Oh and there’s a new report, suggesting D.C. could raise $6.8 million more by adding another dollar in tax to butts. It’s nice to see policy suggestions that bear little to no relation to reality.

All evidence points to Marion Berry being a despicable human. And yet a man impervious to criticism or scandal or shame is fascinating.

“[T]he single dumbest article on Cuba in recent memory” in Playboy. If I can dig up a link to the actual article I will. Bonus video of Cuban dissident and punk rocker Gorki Aguila.

For those Mac-heads, download Google books as pdfs. Awesome!

Data suggests that firm size doesn’t have any noticeable effect on job creation. Rather, instead of the big business versus mom and pop narrative, businesses are more closely tied as a community.

Free Speech watch: Unconstitutional? Yes. Impactful? No. Pointless government? Shock.

D.C. government launches transparency website. Marion Berry shrugs; tries to snort it.

Insanely cool video, with a sweet soundtrack.

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