Reason.tv released this short video on marijuana legalization.

My question for pro-legalization liberals:

Can you reconcile legalization with food regulation? My contention is that centrists (of both parties) favor regulations that advance their desired world, without reference to the logical consistencies and assumptions underling their imagined preferences.

That is, their policy preferences are arbitrary bullshit.


I bought myself a nice digital camera, and have fallen back in love with my old girlfriend, photography. I hope y’all enjoy the recurring feature.

Four Roses Bourbon Barrel. Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.


I’ll be out of town for a few days, but here’s some for body and mind.

DC Freedom 5K – for area runners, come out, have a great time, and mingle with other freedom loving folks. I’ll be there volunteering, so say hi. April 17th.

Tate confronts the ugly truth that foreign aid hurts more than it helps.

The ‘Stache calls on the President to make good on his own rhetoric. ‘Luck with that.

Bruce Yandle updates his fantastic paper, Bootleggers and Baptists.

Contra Keith Olbermann, black tea partiers exist. Also the demographics are surprisingly mainstream. (H/T Sometimes Right on the demos.)

Reason TV looks at 20 years of dumb alcohol legislation. The Hutt from MADD fits all my mental stereotypes for the organization:

I love women, I love drinks, by the transitive property, I love women who drink. Turns out, they might be worth loving!

I will spend much time here. It has already inspired me to try this, while in the land of Bourbon. If I live, I will report next week.

Job hunting? Enter the Ninja.

I think Douche Cat and I will get along just fine.

The Failure You Know

This was originally posted at Neighborhood Effects.

Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t. – Traditional idiom

Sayings become traditional if they contain sufficient truth, but truth can usually be graded on a scale, from absolute to non-existent; better writers have called this the “truth-of-the-head” and the “truth-of-the-heart.”

The truth-of-the-head is that American public schooling is failing.Expenses are too highpolitical influence is too systemic, and results areterrifyingly lowThis isn’t news. We’ve written and talked about itextensively.

new study from the National Center for Policy Analysis adds to the mountain of evidence that school choice overwhelmingly benefits studentsespecially the poor.

From 1998 to 2008, the Children’s Educational Opportunity (CEO) Foundation funded a $52.4 million voucher program for residents of the low-performing Edgewood Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas. The vouchers were available to any student in Edgewood whose family chose to participate, regardless of academic ability or income.

The evidence shows that the voucher students weren’t the only ones who benefited. The students who remained in the Edgewood public schools benefited from increased funding resources due to increasing property values, and improvements in the public schools in response to increased competition.

Those are impressive results. Yet anti-reform groups and their legislative supporters have almost successfully killed school choice in Washington, DC, arguably the flagship federal school-choice program. Reason.tv has documented the trials, triumphs, and tribulations of the D.C. program for several years.

The recurring arguments against choice have always been theoretical. Students might be worse off. Communities might be forced into educational ghettos. Students might be subjected to failing systems, where private educators care only about power and money.

But any reasonable person has to agree, replace “might” with “is” or “are”, and “private” with “public,” and you have a fair critique of the current state. When faced with possible problems but tangible benefits, the devil you know seems egregiously evil.

I guess that’s why “idiom” and “idiot” are only one letter apart.

April Fools’!

In case you haven’t figured it out, I haven’t lost my mind and become a progressive leftist. Yesterday’s post was just a fun April Fools’ joke.

Weekendy Links

Spring’s hitting DC full force this week, and god bless. Makes it hard to focus on policy stuff, but here’s some stuff worth checking out while you wait for the clock to tick towards checking out.

– Ilya Shapiro will travel anywhere, anytime, to debate (read, correctly deny) the constitutionality of Obamacare.

– Eileen Norcross notes how bad policies are like vampires.

– Good video from the Atlas Institute chiding Paul Krugman, among others, for failing to grasp Bastiat.

– Tyler Cowan and a host of smarties take on the flaws in the Labor Theory of Value.

– I know everyone’s Irish in the middle of March, but the Other Gealic Peoples have their Tartan Day this Saturday. As a partial Scot, I love everything about it. Except the food. Feast your eyes on feats of strength!

Cherry Blossom season officially goes full blown this weekend.

Radley Balko demands someone make this comic into a movie. I love the tagline.

– Never buy expensive gold-plated home-entertainment-center cables.

For your health, replace sweeteners with natural Maple Syrup.

– And finally, the other sign of spring, Gus Johnson. He’s like college basketball’s version of Punxsutawney Phil.

Seth, in re: your post,

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